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Greetings from the Mayor

Welcome to this page where we intend to show our people and establish a communication channel permanently open with the Catralenses and, also, with those who, without being so, feel interest in knowing us.

For us it is essential that the neighbors are correctly informed about what their City Council is doing, through the different areas of government. This portal provides ample information about the activity we carry out, the projects we are working on and those objectives we want to achieve.

The new technologies and all the parameters of electronic administration are a priority subject for the government team that I preside because they are the maximum exponent of transparency, participation and efficiency in management.

Those who wish to know our villa will find on this website all the information about our culture, parties, sporting events, and many other activities, where everyone who visits us can check the hospitality, openness and integration of the Catralenses.

Pedro Zaplana Garcia

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