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Department of Equality



Dear neighbors:

The Equality plan that I have the honor to present is a commitment in favor of equal rights and opportunities between men and women in all aspects of life and is in line with the international action guidelines. This plan is the result of the joint work of the different areas of the City Council and is the result of a thorough study of the situation in which our citizens live, an analysis of the difficulties and barriers experienced by women and men to enjoy a situation real equality of opportunities, through specific actions that are correcting inequalities, from each area. This plan of equality is born, then with a vocation of commitment, of service, of an instrument of change for our people. Now it’s our turn, both the government team and my fulfillment of what was promised. We have three years to develop it, so I ask for your collaboration since the cooperation of citizens is key to its success. This program is the first step to achieve it.

Nothing will please me more than arriving in 2011 with the duties done and with a visible reality, and in the same way that this plan is now published for general recognition of what we want and want for our people, in 2011 the balance sheet will be edited. what has been done and the fulfillment of our commitment. Because if there is a concept that defines more clearly, in my view, what should be political, that is none other than Commitment.

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