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Youth Department




The mission of the Department of Youth of the City of Catral is to promote the social and economic insertion of young people from participation. If young people are the recipients of all the work carried out by the Department, we also consider them active subjects, both in making the decisions that affect them and in the management of the projects and actions that are implemented.

On these three pillars (participation, management with young people and coordination) is based the work of the Department of Youth of the City of Catral.

Located in:

Plaza Ayuntamiento, 1

03158 Catral, Alicante

Basic tasks of the Department of Youth

  • Obtain more participation of young people, by joining all municipal advisory bodies as well as the decision of the autonomous bodies of the City Council.
  • Encourage access to employment, through programs that favor the creation of jobs, self-employment, entrepreneurship and training among youth.
  • Facilitate access to housing, both on a rental and property basis, in the latter case with novel formulas such as the creation of housing cooperatives, but also favoring the allocation of social housing to those with more difficulties.
  • Promote international relations and exchanges between young people, with special emphasis on the participation of European Union Programs for youth.
  • Help young people define their training itineraries, through information and advice on education.
  • Promote an occupation of leisure and free time through healthy practices that favor coexistence.
  • Develop actions aimed at avoiding risk practices among the youth population and that contribute to their development and personal affirmation, in short, that improve their health and quality of life.

Catral Joven is the Youth Participation Center of the YOUTH COUNCIL, it is located in Calle Musico Miralles Quinto, next to the Casa de Cultura and the S.U.M. “La Constancia” and among others is responsible for energizing and coordinating youth associations and participation in Catral, and acts as a partner for young people before the institutions.

From the Department of Youth we believe it is necessary to connect with young people and find out their concerns.

The ages or stages of children and young people should mark the different lines of action of the Department of Youth and Young Catral as an agency of this.

It will be necessary to distinguish, at least, three different lines: preadolescence (11-15 years), adolescence (15-18 years) and young people (18-29 years), and treat and treat them accordingly to their different physical, psychic and intellectual aspects .


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